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Best Mock Aptitude Tests and Online Psychometric Tests (Full List). Free & Paid Resources.

Updated July 21, 2023

By Edward Mellett
Best Mock Aptitude Tests and Online Psychometric Tests (Full List). Free & Paid Resources.
Best Mock Aptitude Tests and Online Psychometric Tests (Full List). Free & Paid Resources.

Are you looking for mock aptitude tests and aptitude test practice?

This article provides a complete list of all types of online resources for mock aptitude tests and will help you improve your performance at taking these difficult tests.

Read on!

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Aptitude Tests (Short Intro)

Aptitude tests are most often used as an assessment tool, usually by an employer, as part of an interview process.

They can be difficult and are often timed.

Your score will be compared to the scores of other candidates, and usually only the top performing candidates will be invited to progress through an interview process.

This is why you must perform to the best of your ability when you take these tests.

Your score is very important.

Improving Your Performance At Aptitude Tests

There are many different types of aptitude test.

Some variations are:

  • Numerical reasoning tests
  • Verbal reasoning tests
  • Abstract reasoning tests

If you want to perform well in an aptitude test, you must find out exactly what type of aptitude test, or tests, you will be taking and prepare for these tests.

The best way to practice is to take mock aptitude tests.

Doing so will help you become familiar with these tests and the types of questions you will be asked and help you improve how you answer these questions.

Online Mock Aptitude Tests (Full List)

There is a wide selection of mock aptitude tests available online.

We have compiled an extensive list below of all the different types of online resource.

All of these resources offer free practice and mock aptitude tests.

Employers Websites: Mock Tests

Many employers offer example mock tests to candidates, so that candidates can get an idea of what to expect when they take a real test.


PwC: Practice psychometric test on PwC website. (UPDATE January 2021: this test has been removed from the PwC website but you can still find PwC practice tests on JobTestPrep).

KPMG: Practice numerical and verbal test on KPMG website. (UPDATE January 2021: this test has been removed from the KPMG website but you can still find KPMG practice tests on JobTestPrep).

If you will be taking an aptitude test for an employer and they offer a mock test to you, you must take it.

It will probably be very good preparation for your real test.

The good thing about mock tests on employers sites is that they are free to take.

The bad things about these tests, is that there are often only one or two mock tests to take, you might not always get answers, and the answers often do not have fully explained answers.

Getting full explanations to questions is an important part of your practice because they will help you learn how to improve your performance.

University Careers Services: Mock Tests

Almost all University Careers Service websites offer some form of mock aptitude test, but these are almost always only available to current students (student login required).

If you are a University student, contact your careers service to find out what options are available.

Here's an example of a locked page on a University careers service website.

UCL: This university careers service offers free access to two paid aptitude test sites, but only for current students at UCL.

Aptitude Test Writing Companies Mock Tests

Aptitude tests are created by a range of different companies.

And employers pay these companies to use their tests to assess candidates.

Each one of these companies writes their tests in different ways, with a slightly different style of question.

It can be very useful to find out which company has produced the aptitude test you will be taking, before you take it, and practice mock tests by this company.

Some examples of test writing companies are: SHL, Kenexa and Revelian.

Many of these companies offer mock aptitude tests to candidates on their websites:

Cubiks: a full range of single practice tests for various tests written by Cubiks

SHL: a full range of single practice tests for various (but not all) tests written by SHL.

Saville Assessment: a full range of single practice tests for most tests written by Saville Assessment.

IBM Kenexa: a single practice test for the IBM Kenexa Prove It test.

Revellian: a range of single practice tests for various tests written by Revellian.

Once again, these types of mock tests can be limited in number (most companies provide only one mock test for each test type) and limited in the way the answers to questions are explained.

They are useful practice, but not the best practice.

Online Practice Test Prep Coaching Websites (Free Mock Tests)

There are quite a large number of websites online providing coaching packs to help people practice for aptitude tests.

Many of these websites offer a small number of free mock aptitude tests to users, although their best mock aptitude tests are only offered in their paid for packages.

If you do not want to pay for mock aptitude tests, you can simply take all of the free tests on all of these websites.

Some examples include: This is the website you are on right now. A selection of mock aptitude tests are available to practice on this page. This website offers a huge amount of practice tests, most of which you will need to pay for, but some free tests are available. You can find a free test here. This website offers mostly paid for practice tests, but some free practice tests are available. Two free logical reasoning mock tests are provided here.

These will all be good preparation for you, although not as good as taking a paid course.

Online Practice Test Prep Coaching Websites (Paid Mock Tests)

There are a large number of websites offering paid mock aptitude test packages.

Some of these are better than others. The quality of tests and quality of the explanations and coaching varies a great deal from site to site.

For this reason, if you are going to pay for mock aptitude tests, mock psychometric tests or any other form of aptitude test coaching material, we suggest that you choose one of the most reputable websites available.

The very best websites offer more tailored practice, customer service and even money back guarantees.

To make it easy for you, we recommend, and

If we had to pick one site, our top pick is (see our review of JobTestPrep here).

You can see our full reviews of each practice test website, and a comparison of these mock aptitude test websites on this page.

Mock Aptitude Tests - Tell Us Your Story

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Are you struggling to prepare?

Let us know how you’re finding this process by writing a comment below.

We love your feedback and I will reply to each question personally.

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