Student Scholarship

Student Scholarship

This scholarship (available to any US student in high school or college) aims to support individuals from lower-income backgrounds who need financial assistance with their job applications.

Program Vision is a careers coaching and interview skills improvement website designed to educate candidates applying for their next job. We provide articles on topics such as Psychometric Tests, Aptitude Tests and Numerical Reasoning Tests and even a range of test practice our users can use to prepare before interviews.

We recognise that a large proportion of our readers are currently at High School or College, and applying for their first major work roles.

This difficult process can last for quite some time, and take an emotional and financial toll on younger job seekers and first jobbers. With this in mind we have decided to offer an annual scholarship to one individual who is finding it particularly difficult to find employment.

From 2019 we will be offering a $1,000 financial award to one applicant currently at either High School or College.

Terms & Conditions


In any year where we consider two candidates to be equally worthy, we reserve the right to offer two $500 scholarships to each in that year.

Application deadline:
31 August

We will aim to notify the recipient of the prize by 30 September each year.

Means of payment:

We will send the scholarship money direct to the recipient, via a PayPal transfer.


Please check to see that you are eligible. If you are unsure, contact us at [email protected]. Note that there is no cost to apply.

Must be attending a public or accredited private senior high school or college

Must be applying or planning to apply for an entry position at a US company with a recognised graduate development program

Must currently be receiving a recognised grant determined by financial need

How It Works

Fill in the fields of form below, and click ‘Send’ button to submit your application to us. We will then review all applications after the closing date of 31 August, and will notify the winner before 30 September. The decision will be made on a combination of merit and perceived need.

Privacy Policy

Applicants’ data will be used only to assess eligibility for the scholarship, and to contact those who receive it. No data will be passed on to third parties or used for any marketing purposes.