3 Best Online Aptitude Test Preparation Websites (3 Free sites + 3 Paid sites)

AptitudeTestsDo you have an upcoming online aptitude test

Are you looking for the best aptitude test prep material to give you the very best chance of getting the highest possible grade? 

If so, this article will help you. 

To summarise, the article begins with an introduction to the best ways to practice before taking aptitude tests, then explains why taking practice aptitude tests is essential to achieve top scores. 

The article concludes with a list of free practice aptitude test websites and then a comparison of the best paid for practice aptitude test websites.

The article begins beneath this Table of Contents.

How Can I Prepare For Online Aptitude Tests? 

Online aptitude tests are used to assess people, most often by employers as a means of filtering out weaker candidates from their job interview processes.

These aptitude tests can take a variety of forms, such as: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, inductive reasoning, mechanical reasoning or situational judgement

If you are about to take one of these tests, you must first find out exactly which test type you will be taking and then familiarise yourself with the type of questions you will be asked. 

Although many assessors will tell you it is not necessary to prepare before taking one of these tests, research has shown that you can actually improve your scores dramatically before taking one. 

Even a couple of hours spent reading about your test subject, or taking practice tests could mean the difference between passing the test, or not. 

Can You Practice For Online Aptitude Tests?

The short answer is yes, you can practice for aptitude tests.

The best way to do so is to take practice tests online. 

Doing so will give you experience of sitting these tests, make you more familiar with the test question types and help you to understand how to answer questions correctly. 

There are a number of online aptitude test websites that offer both free and paid test prep packages.

Let’s go into some more detail about these…

Best Free Online Practice Aptitude Tests

Websites that offer free practice aptitude tests tend to offer a small number of the most commonly used aptitude tests, such as: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and inductive reasoning. 

These tests are often quite short, with around 5 to 10 questions (the real tests usually have a lot more questions than this).

Sometimes free tests include answers and full explanations but sometimes they do not. 

Be mindful of this because having a full explanation to the practice questions you take is extremely useful; you need to learn what you did wrong, if you don’t get an answer right. 

In our opinion, three of the best sources of free online practice aptitude tests are: PracticeReasoningTests, WikiJob and SHL. 

Practice Reasoning Tests


The website you’re on right now…

We have 12 free practice aptitude tests available here: https://www.practicereasoningtests.com/practice-aptitude-tests/

Almost all the tests have 10 questions and all of them have answers with full explanations. 



WikiJob is a fantastic resource for job seekers. 

This site has 9 free practice aptitude tests available here: https://www.wikijob.co.uk/aptitude-tests-home/.

Once again all the tests have answers and full explanations. 



SHL is a company who design the most commonly used aptitude tests for employers. 

Their website has 11 free practice aptitude tests available here: https://www.shldirect.com/en/practice-tests.

The tests on this website have a large number of questions but do not have explanations. 

How To Get Better At Aptitude Tests

Free online practice tests are a useful starting point in your preparation, but they are quite limited. 

You may find you need a lot more practice than one short test. 

If you can afford it, we strongly recommend purchasing a full (paid) online aptitude test preparation course.

Best Online Practice Aptitude Tests Websites Reviewed

The most well known practice aptitude test websites are: JobTestPrep.com, AssessmentDay.co.uk and PracticeAptitudeTests.com.  

Job Test Prep Review

Our rating: 5/5

JobTestPrep offers the largest range of practice tests available online, with multiple versions of the most commonly used aptitude tests, practice versions of tests written by specific test publishers and even simulators of the tests used by specific employers all around the world. 

The website also offers a 100% money back guarantee, great customer service and even multi-language versions of their practice tests.

Paid for access to their practice tests starts from around £39 and their most popular package is £49. 

To find out more visit: jobtestprep.com

Assessment Day Review

Our rating: 4/5

AssessmentDay is a beautifully designed website with exceptionally well written coaching material, designed to full prepare candidates for their upcoming aptitude tests

The website also offers a very comprehensive paid for selection of practice tests, with answers and full explanations to questions. 

Paid for access to this package is £39.99. 

To find out more visit: assessmentday.co.uk

Practice Aptitude Tests Review

Our rating: 4/5

PracticeAptitudeTests is another beautiful website with a fantastic selection of free and paid preparation material for job seekers. 

Their paid for practice aptitude test package may not be as extensive as JobTestPrep, but the test quality is very high and the price is lower than others.

Paid for access to the most popular package is priced at €39.99.

To find out more visit: practiceaptitudetests.com

JobTestPrep vs Assessment Day vs Practice Aptitude Tests

To make your decision even easier, we provide a table of comparison below. 

 Job Test PrepAssessment DayPractice Aptitude Tests
Range of testsExtensiveLimitedLimited
Price of package£49£39.99€39
Length of access1 MonthUnlimited1 Year
Money back guarantee30 daysNone30 days
Customer serviceGreatGoodGood
Free trial testsYesYesYes
Our review5/54/54/5

The Best Online Practice Aptitude Test Website

In our opinion the overall winner is JobTestPrep

No other website offers so many practice tests and so much specific practice tailored to each employer. 

And the best thing about JobTestPrep is the money back guarantee, which means should you purchase their pack and then realise the tests are suitable for you, you’ll be given a full refund right away.

Take A Free Test

Want to take a look at JobTestPrep’s practice tests for yourself?

You can try a completely free practice test on their website right now: click this link to visit the free practice test.

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