Cognitive Reasoning Practice Test

Cognitive Ability Practice Test

This Cognitive Ability Practice Test has been designed to help you prepare for the real thing.  

The test consists of a set of 10 questions, along with correct answers and full explanations.

Topics Covered:
Verbal reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Figural Reasoning.

Difficulty Level:

At the end of the test if you would like further practice you can find more tests like this Cognitive Ability Test at JobTestPrep.


  1. Seadet Serova


  2. Nitin

    Well planned test with all possible combinations

  3. Tania Harper

    Even as a practise test I still had to think about some of these and believed I rushed when not necessary. Great to be able to exercise the brain and think about how to approach future employment. Thanks Team.

  4. Robin Spencer

    Good mix of reasoning types

  5. mary

    Very useful

  6. satish

    its very good

  7. Real Name

    I got 10/10

  8. Rohan jangir

    Great questions and mix of reasoning type question

  9. Aditi Pawar


  10. Kelechi

    This an eye opener for me. Thanks

  11. Argie

    It took a while to catch on, but I finally did it!

  12. Gilberto

    Buena prueba que te ayuda a verte de otra manera

  13. Teresa

    Not that hard. Just have to watch out for careless mistakes.

  14. Ken

    Heh. Yea this test was soooo hard

  15. Manish Saluja


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