Inductive Reasoning Practice Test

Inductive Reasoning Practice Test

This Inductive Reasoning practice test has 9 questions (and includes answers and full explanations). 


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    1. STELLA


      1. John

        Rotten Curry

      2. John

        Welcome Curry Boy

    2. John

      Butter Chicken I mean Chicken Butter KK

  2. Scott Grossman

    Stimulating test.

    1. John

      curry test

  3. Phil

    The question I got wrong had the same answer for b and c.

    1. Edward Mellett

      Which question are you referring to?

      1. Jo

        Referring to the practice inductive reasoning – question three with the Hershy kiss things. B and C are the same but C is correct? Also, on question 2 (same test) with square rotating clockwise three and ball counter clockwise two – there is no ball in picture two. Pretty hard to see a pattern when pieces are missing. Forget reasoning – proof read.

        1. Edward Mellett

          Hi Jo,

          I’m going to sound marginally condescending here, because you’re actually incorrect on both counts. The test questions are exactly right, you just missed the logic (sorry)!

          Question 3: B and C aren’t the same. You didn’t spot the difference.

          Question 2: There’s no ball in picture 2 because there’s not supposed to be. Again, you missed the logic.

          I think you might need some more practice πŸ˜‰


          1. Dennis Yiga

            it was tricky but i got most of them correct

        2. marie

          I considered it a typo, This is practice not exam.

          1. sandra bermingham

            The ball isn’t missing it’s behind the dark rectangle…. I made the same mistake

      2. John

        The rotten curry One

      3. John

        to the rotten Curry One

      4. John

        the curry question

  4. Grace Damilola

    Practice test is really helpful and the explanation is clear and precise. Great one.

  5. Roshni

    Warmest thanks for providing these tests. I found them very helpful in comparison with other tests, as they provide no explanation.

    1. Edward Mellett

      Thank you for taking them!

      1. John

        You eat rotten curry mr Mellet

  6. Zahid Parvez

    Nice one

  7. Linda Moore

    Helps to understand

  8. Elias

    Question 7 has two answers; A & B

    1. Edward Mellett

      No, there is only one answer. You need to check the question again πŸ™‚

  9. Tshidiso

    Practice test is really helpful and the explanation is clear and precise. Now I can understand the logic.

  10. Dibishe

    Hi, what is the difference between answers B. and C. in question 4? Thanks!

    1. Edward Mellett

      The 3rd squiggle πŸ™‚

  11. Tiago

    I got a question for the inductive test, question 4. The 4th “arrow” shouln’t be pointing to upper right?, if the rotation is 90degrees, the figure in position 2 and 4 should not be the same, and in my picture is

    1. Edward Mellett

      Do you mean question 4? Question 4 doesn’t have arrows.

  12. Donald Green

    Test was fun thanks/

  13. Linda Nombula

    Thank you so much. These exercises are really helpful

  14. Wilson Bulega

    Very good for preparations, it is a wake-up call for you to pay more attention to detail.

  15. lintton thepeya

    i tryd to ans 1 to 4 questions and get zero and feel ok to continue kkkk the test is good and amazing

  16. Yandiswa

    Am having a similar test this coming Tuesday, and I’ve been struggling with this question , thank you so much? now am more than ready?. God bless you!

  17. lavanya


    1. John

      Shush Mr Curry Boy

  18. moina

    Am axing ….This was fun !!!!!

  19. moina

    Amazing ….This was fun !!!!!

  20. John

    stop you guys eat rotten curry

    1. John

      Like i mean stop

  21. kingsley

    i love the knowledge at least i was able to get some. The key word is to keep practicing.

  22. apple

    easy test !!

  23. Tulip

    I got them all right! Good fun questions..πŸ™‚ thanks!

  24. Juan Pablo

    Gracias muy interesante

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