Practice Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical Reasoning Practice Test

This numerical reasoning practice test has 10 questions.

The test has a mixture of numerical questions that vary in difficulty. 

Answers and full explanations are provided after you have completed a question. 

You should aim to complete the test within 10 minutes.

Test Tips

Make sure you read and fully understand each question before answering.

Work quickly, but don't rush. You cannot afford to make mistakes in a real test.

If you get a question wrong, make sure you find out why and how to answer this type of question in the future. 

When you have completed the test please leave a comment below.


  1. MissFaozy

    Tough questions. I need more practice.

    1. Edward Mellett

      Yes, keep practising. It really helps 🙂

      1. Darty

        I love this….thank you

        1. stella

          Thank you

    2. Paul Crowley

      I was not sure whether I could use a calculator – if so would have got all but t what was time limit ?

    3. Beena


  2. Laura

    This was a useful test. I’m currently practising for upcoming Internship aptitude tests and I think the more you practice, the better you get.

    1. Les99

      It’s really true. I practiced a lot before my PwC assessments. It really helped.

      1. amine Hammoumi

        are you working in PWC now??

    2. DAVID


  3. Puleng Maoba

    I would like to do many more of these tests! They’re great practice.

    1. Karuhanga daphin

      Need more questions as I prepare for banking aptitude test

  4. Dean Payne

    The practice tests are a great help .

  5. h

    Good test.

  6. Melanie

    Very good test. I noticed that I battle with percentages. Will focus more on this.

  7. Zosuliwe Mnandi Ketye

    First practice yet a good one. Training myself for a leadership aptitude test.

    1. Philip samson

      This is great

  8. sanath


    1. ntokozo

      its was fantastic test its very good

  9. Julie

    Great practice tests

  10. larry moore

    Nice test but quite easy. Just basic maths

  11. Abosede

    This is so great! First time trial, really did well, practising for PWC assessment test, hope to do better. Thanks.

  12. Christy sulit

    Its tough.. but I’m doing my best.

  13. Real name

    These are way easier than other tests out there..

  14. moaaz

    it was good way to practice but its kind of easy tests more than others
    thanks a lot.

  15. Kate Goodwin

    was tough but managed most of them

  16. Raju Mandal

    Your Feedback Is Appreciated

  17. muh

    It was a real good test

  18. Eve

    good practice test,thanks

  19. Al

    Sorry, but how is question 3/10 not It Support staff. The formula is bonus/averageBasePay*100


    Apparently the correct answer is Finance Supervisers

    £5370/£45100*100 = 11.9%

    1. Linda Nombula

      Actually, Support Staff is £1480 / £18620 * 100 = 7.9%

      So Finance Supervisors bonus has the largest percentage of 11.9%

    2. Josh

      IT Staff is £16,000 not £1,600 therefore 5% not 50%. Meaning Finance Supervisors at 11.9% is the highest 🙂

    3. Yo

      It was 800/16,000 not 800/1,600. The answer is correct.

  20. charlei

    i got 9/10 but question 3 is wrong!!!!!

    1. Kane Sanders

      No, it’s not. If you think it’s IT Support Staff see the comment above

  21. Mallory

    I was unable to take the test, every time I tried the screen went dark and was unresponsive and I couldn’t press anything or move the page up or down?

    1. Edward Mellett

      Hmm. That’s strange. Can you tell me what device you were using? And what browser?

  22. Rath

    Pretty easy questions. Much low standard as compared to many tests!!

  23. Sibusiso Simelane

    I was not exposed to these type of questions and scenarios, practicing will help improve my numerical, thinking and application skills

  24. james

    my first time to attempt but i managed 9/10.will make sure i attempt ten quizes per day

  25. Josphat Ngetich

    I need to practice

  26. Giselle

    This is a great test, thanks! I think the important thing, besides reading the question carefully, is to correctly analyse the data. I almost got caught out on Q10! Didn’t pickup the “-” as losses!
    Secondly, sounds silly [but I am a little mathematically challenged :O], its so important to understand & keep practicing which amount needs to be divided or multiplied, into WHAT! =:)

  27. Yy

    Tests are very easy. I got 10/10 with minimal concentration. I think it doesn’t reflect the difficulty of real-life online and in-person tests (at least those I got from Rothschild, UBS, etc.)

  28. ogwang ronald

    its the best site for learning aptitude questions

  29. Hazel Murphy

    I need more practice.

  30. Hazel Murphy

    I need much more practice.

  31. Brian

    Awesome Questions. took them lightly but challenged me.

    Gonna keep my face up.

  32. Marie Gray

    The problem with real tests is that they have a timer running. Will I really have time to calculate every bonus in percentage of the base pay? Or am I doing this wrong?

  33. Sophie

    Rather easy compared to other tests

  34. psychtesting

    It was too easy compared to other numerical tests I’ve taken

  35. varun

    the test is too easy


    i really enjoyed this, i will keep on practicing am going for an interview for HR practitioner i think it will help me.

  37. Mark

    great test loved it

  38. tannd

    im doing my thirteen plus , a numerical reasoning test. i went through the comments to find that the people who are doing this test are applying for banks and stuff. not 4 me then. lol

    1. Edward Mellett

      Often very similar questions at 13+ or for an employer 🙂

  39. luis


  40. luis

    great example

  41. Eric

    Do I need to use a calculator?

  42. baku

    Acted in haste.

  43. Brian


  44. Lesyeni Gutiérrez

    Necesito mucha mas practica

  45. Manuel

    Wow this was so helpful, thank you so much.

  46. Chris

    That was so great! Simple and technical….! Thanks alot

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