Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal Reasoning Practice Test

This Verbal Reasoning practice test has 10 questions (and answers including full explanations).


  1. Alicia Kavic Ogilvie

    I’d like to see more practice tests.

    1. Sithabiso Mateta

      These are good test for practice

  2. Ati

    Good Practice test

  3. g

    Good test.

  4. Sassy

    Interesting + useful.

  5. Favour Ayere

    Thanks so helpful

  6. Sarah

    I disagree with the answer to question 8 (“Vehicles that have been on sale for over 5 years are still competing against new models”). I believe the answer is “Cannot say” rather than “True”.
    The statement makes no mention of whether the BMW 1-series is a new model. The statement only says the Nissan “can still compete again the BEST” – not the newest. Therefore we have no way of knowing whether it can compete against new models.

    1. Jshdjd

      I agree with your statement

      1. Celine Sjauw

        Perhaps it relates to the subheading that says ‘A strong year for new car sales!’, thus the assumption is made.

        1. Edward Mellett

          The answer is in the last paragraph of the text. In this paragraph you will find details that cars over 6 years old are still being sold.

          1. Courtenay Inchbald

            I believe this question is wrong for a different reason. The question refers to “vehicles”, but the Nissan is a single “vehicle”, i.e. a single model. You might use a different meaning of vehicle to counter-argue that more than one Nissan unit was registered (and competed) this year, but using the “individual unit” meaning, all of those were new units that had not individually been on sale for six years. You might also counter-argue that the Nissan is offered in several different models, but we are not given that information. I notice that mistakes like this are fairly common in these sorts of test, and that much time is spent second-guessing what the question-setter had in mind, whether he has just made a mistake, or whether he considers “very likely” to mean “true”.

  7. Zosuliwe Mnandi Ketye

    Practice appreciated

    1. stella

      Thank you

  8. Nabanita Pal

    Good practice test…but could have been made tougher

  9. Jacek

    Well, I can see that some answers can be answered differently. For example it says that downsized engine motors have increased demand as reply but in fact they are turbo downsized motors – thus one cannot say that size of the motor matters only – both turbo and size as one factor. It could have been only the turbo factor to have increased demand. In all words in all depends on how wicked the test is. If the test is wicked all small things will matter

    1. Edward Mellett

      The text says: “new downsized turbo petrol-engine cars”. The downsized bit is the “new” bit. Not the “turbo”. These cars were turbo cars before, and now. They were always turbo cars.

  10. A

    How come answer 10 is true? The statement refers to March sales, thus it seems to me we cannot say whether it is top-selling considering the whole year?

    1. Jade

      I agree!

    2. FJ

      I agree. The statement claims that “march 2013 saw Ford’s Fiesta top the sales chart with 22,748 examples of the super-mini being registered in Britain, contributing to the 34,309 of the fiesta models sold so far”.
      So Jan + Feb + Mar = 34, 309 units. (so Jan + Feb = 11,561).
      So while it is the best selling of the year SO FAR, you can’t claim it is the best selling model of 2013.

  11. d-rock

    How does one consider making an engine smaller an upgrade? This test is for logic, i must leave my car-passionate self out of this 🙂

    1. Lori

      European customers place a much higher importance on fuel economy. They think Americans are ridiculous. Problem is the assumption you think like they do.

  12. Shedrick Nawanyiopu

    Thank You. This test has helped me alot in preparation for my verbal teest.

  13. Manoj Kumar Gaur

    I disagree with the Answer of Question 5/10. If the Ford Fiesta has topped the Chart with 22,748 examples of Super mini being sold, no other car including Ford Mondeo could have sold more than this number and therefore “Ford has achieved over 34,000 sales of the Mondeo model” is a False Statement. The Answer cannot be “Cannot Say”

  14. Manoj Kumar Gaur

    I am answering to my own comment above. If we look in the light that there is no time period to qualify the sales of Ford Mondeo, the answer to 5/10 can be “Cannot Say”.

  15. Tirivanhu Mutomba

    This was very helpful

  16. Michael Massey

    agree on all answers, very clear apart from q 10. which says the top super mini of the year is produced by ford. which year, 2012/2013, are we taking the march figure as the end of year figure, answer must be ‘cannot say, as these tests must exclude any presumption or balance of probability. Thanks for the test.

  17. ogwal bosco

    thanks,it is really nice and interesting question

  18. ogwal bosco

    Was difficult to answer but with constant practice I will learn more

  19. Aikie Davoren

    Great test. On the last question regarding the ‘super mini’ I was confused as to where the text refers to the sales. Although this isn’t entirely relevant to the overall question it made it somewhat unclear.

  20. paul h

    this was helpful

  21. stephen chan

    it is helpful. thanks.

  22. Leslie H.

    Thank you, the test was helpful.

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