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7 Best Resume Writing Services: Professional & Convenient

7 Best Resume Writing Services: Professional & Convenient
7 Best Resume Writing Services: Professional & Convenient

The 7 best rated resume writing services:

  1. TopResume – Best for personalized expertise
  2. TopStack Resume – Best for navigating careers
  3. ResumeCompanion – Best for affordable excellence
  4. Resumeble – Best for ATS-optimized resumes
  5. ResumeSpice – Best for executive service
  6. Craft Resumes – Best for a quick turnaround
  7. – Best for those on a budget

The 7 Best Resume Writing Services 2024

1. TopResume

TopResume is one of the best-rated resume services, known for its extensive network of experienced writers who cater to clients across various industries and career levels.

They offer resume writing and reviewing services and LinkedIn profile building and distribution to recruiters.

The company aims to provide professionally crafted resumes that highlight individuals’ skills and experiences to increase their chances of securing job interviews.

Top Resume writers focus on using industry-specific keywords and highlighting key accomplishments to ensure that resumes pass through applicant tracking systems (ATS) and capture the attention of hiring managers.

Prices range from $149 to $699, depending on how much support you need. But for those unable to commit to those fees, Top Resume provides a free resume review service, giving potential clients an idea of what to expect.


TopResume’s services are best suited for professionals at various career levels looking to enhance their resumes and improve their chances of securing job interviews.

Whether individuals are entry-level job seekers or experienced professionals aiming for executive positions, TopResume aims to provide tailored solutions to meet their specific career needs.

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2. TopStack Resume

TopStack Resume provides professional resume writing and career consulting services for different career levels and industries.

For a premium price, you can also receive LinkedIn profile optimization.

They are known for their personalized approach to resume writing, focusing on creating tailored resumes that align with each client’s unique skills and career goals.

Their expertise in multiple industries enables them to provide tailored solutions that align with the specific requirements of various job roles.

Prices range from $139 to $649.


Their services are suitable for professionals at different career levels, including entry-level, mid-career and executive-level individuals.

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3. Resume Companion

Resume Companion is known for its easy-to-use online platform that allows individuals to create professional resumes and cover letters quickly.

The platform offers customizable templates tailored to various industries and job positions, making it convenient for users to build their resumes with minimal effort.

They offer a comprehensive library of customizable templates and pre-written phrases, enabling users to create visually appealing resumes tailored to their specific career objectives and industry requirements.

Resume Companion is mostly free to use. If you want to print or download your resume, you must sign up for a 14-day trial and pay $1.95, or you can subscribe for $8 per month.


Resume Companion’s services are best suited for individuals who prefer a hands-on approach to resume writing and are looking for an easy-to-use platform to create professional resumes and cover letters.

The platform caters to a diverse audience, including job seekers at various career levels, students, and professionals transitioning between industries.

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4. Resumeble

Resumeble is one of the top recommended resume writing services as it offers customized resume writing, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile optimization services.

They focus on creating visually engaging resumes highlighting individuals’ skills and experiences, helping them stand out in the competitive job market.

Resumeble is recognized for its commitment to creating ATS-friendly resumes that can pass through applicant tracking systems and capture the attention of hiring managers.

The company’s team of experienced writers ensures that each resume is crafted with precision and attention to detail.

Resumeble also provides a second resume version, thank you and follow-up notes, and cold emails to recruiters at an additional cost.

Prices range from $159 to $399.


Resumeble’s services are best suited for professionals at various career levels who are seeking visually appealing and ATS-optimized resumes.

Their personalized approach makes them an ideal choice for individuals who want to ensure that their resumes effectively communicate their unique value proposition and professional accomplishments to potential employers.

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5. ResumeSpice

ResumeSpice describes itself as a '5-star rated executive resume writing service' and is known for its holistic approach to career services.

They are recognized for their team of experienced career consultants and writers who work closely with clients to understand their unique career goals and aspirations.

ResumeSpice is known for its comprehensive approach to resume writing, emphasizing the importance of showcasing skills and experiences and creating resumes that tell a compelling career story.

The writers provide professional resume writing, career coaching, and interview preparation assistance.

They are one of the more expensive resume writing services, with prices starting at $479 and rising to $699.


ResumeSpice’s services are suited for professionals at various career levels seeking comprehensive career guidance and support.

Each service bundle is designed to suit the amount of experience (in years) a person has.

Their personalized approach makes them an ideal choice for individuals who want to improve their resumes and seek assistance in enhancing their overall career strategy, including interview preparation and job search techniques.

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6. Craft Resumes

Craft Resumes provides professional resume writing and editing services, focusing on creating customized resumes highlighting an individual’s unique skills and experiences.

It is known for its attention to detail and personalized approach, aiming to create resumes that effectively communicate an individual’s value proposition to potential employers. But they can also turn your resume around in 24 hours if needed.

They are proficient in using industry-specific keywords and formatting techniques to ensure that resumes are tailored to specific job roles and industries, increasing the likelihood of securing job interviews.

Different packages and price points are depending on how much work experience you have.

Entry-level positions can choose from four packages ranging from $139 to $399.99.

Executive-level prices start at $399.99 and finish at $629.99.


Craft Resumes’ services are best suited for professionals across various industries and career levels who are seeking personalized and impactful resumes.

Visit Craft Resumes

7. is known for its user-friendly interface and intuitive resume-building tools, making it a convenient option for individuals who prefer a do-it-yourself approach to resume creation.

The platform offers various customizable templates and pre-written phrases to help users quickly and effectively craft professional resumes and cover letters.

It is recognized for its accessibility and simplicity, allowing users to create visually appealing resumes without the need for extensive design or writing skills.

Best of all, is completely free to use.

Audience’s services are best suited for individuals who prefer a straightforward and user-friendly approach to resume creation. is also great for those who don’t have, or who don’t want to spend, lots of money on resume services.

The platform caters to a diverse audience, including entry-level job seekers, professionals transitioning between industries, and individuals looking to update their existing resumes with a fresh and professional design.


7 Best Resume Writing Services: Professional & Convenient
7 Best Resume Writing Services: Professional & Convenient

What Is a Resume Writing Company?

A resume writing company is a business that specializes in creating and improving resumes for those seeking employment.

The best resume writing companies employ professional writers who are well-versed in crafting compelling resumes tailored to specific industries and job roles.

The primary goal of a resume writing company is to help job seekers present their skills, experiences, and qualifications in the best possible light to increase their chances of securing interviews and ultimately landing their desired jobs.

The best-rated resume writing services include:

  • Resume writing – Crafting well-structured and customized resumes that highlight a job seeker’s key strengths and achievements.
  • Cover letter writing – Creating personalized cover letters that complement the resume and emphasize the candidate’s suitability for a particular job.
  • LinkedIn profile optimization – Optimizing LinkedIn profiles to enhance visibility and attract potential employers or recruiters.
  • Career coaching – Providing guidance and advice on job search strategies, interview preparation and overall career development.
  • CV writing – Assisting individuals in creating curriculum vitae (CVs) that are tailored for academic and research positions, typically used in fields such as academia, science and medicine.

The best resume writers often work closely with clients to understand their career goals, job preferences, and qualifications.

They may offer different packages to cater to clients with varying needs and budgets.

The ultimate aim is to create professional documents that effectively showcase the individual’s skills and experiences to make them stand out in a competitive job market.

Why Use a Resume Writing Service?

There are several reasons why individuals may choose to use one of the best resume writing services.

1. Expertise

Resume writing services employ professionals with expertise in crafting effective resumes that can highlight an individual’s strengths and accomplishments in a way that appeals to potential employers.

2. Customization

A professional resume writing service can tailor resumes to specific job roles or industries, ensuring the document is targeted and relevant to the desired position.

3. Competitive Edge

In a competitive job market, a well-written resume can give an applicant an edge over other candidates.

Most recruiters will decide within 30 to 45 seconds, so it is important to give the right first impression.

The best resume writing companies know how to emphasize relevant skills and experiences, making a candidate’s application stand out.

4. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Optimization

Many companies use ATS to scan and filter resumes before human review.

Professional resume writers understand how to optimize resumes with relevant keywords and formatting to increase the chances of passing through ATS screenings.

5. Time-Saving

Crafting an effective resume can be time-consuming and challenging, especially for individuals with limited experience in resume writing.

Using a professional service can save time and ensure that the resume is high quality and meets industry standards.

6. Confidence Boost

A well-written resume can boost an individual’s confidence during the job application process.

Knowing their resume effectively communicates their skills and experiences can help candidates feel more prepared and self-assured during interviews.

7. Industry Insights

Top resume writing services often have a deep understanding of various industries. They can provide valuable insights into what employers are looking for in candidates, helping applicants better position themselves for specific roles.

Overall, using a resume writing service can help you present yourself in the best possible light, increasing your chance of securing interviews and ultimately landing your desired job.

What to Look for in a Resume Writing Service

Some crucial factors to consider when selecting from the top-ranked resume writing services include:

Industry Expertise

Look for a service with experience writing resumes for your specific industry.

Different industries may have unique requirements and expectations, and a service with relevant experience can better tailor your resume to meet these needs.

Career-Level Expertise

Ensure that the service has experience crafting resumes for individuals at your career level.

Whether you are an entry-level candidate, a mid-career professional, or a senior executive, the service should be able to cater to your specific needs.

Pricing Structure

Understand the service's pricing structure and ensure it aligns with your budget.

Some services offer tiered pricing based on the complexity of the resume, while others may offer additional services at extra costs.

Choose a service that offers transparent pricing without any hidden fees.

Revision Policy

Check if the service allows for revisions or edits to the resume after the initial draft has been delivered.

Good resume writing services should provide several revisions to ensure that the final resume meets your expectations.

Online Reviews and Testimonials

Research the reputation of recommended resume writing services by reading online reviews and testimonials from previous clients.

Positive reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality of their work and customer satisfaction.

Turnaround Time

Consider the turnaround time offered by the service.

Depending on your urgency, you may need a service that can deliver the completed resume within a specific time frame without compromising the quality of the final product.

Additional Services

Determine if the service offers any additional services, such as cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, or career counseling.

Opting for a service that provides a comprehensive suite of services can be beneficial if you require assistance beyond resume writing.

Considering these factors, you can choose a reputable resume writing service that best aligns with your career needs and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paying for a resume service is worth it for those seeking professional guidance, specialized expertise, and a competitive edge in the job market.

Professional resume writers can optimize resumes for applicant tracking systems, craft compelling content and ensure a polished presentation, increasing chances of securing job interviews.

The cost of top resume writing services varies based on factors like complexity, career level, and additional services.

Prices typically range from around $100 to $400, with some executive-level packages exceeding $700.

Prices may vary, so it’s advisable to check individual service providers for accurate pricing details.

LinkedIn resume writers can be worth it for professionals aiming to enhance their online presence and network. They optimize profiles with industry-specific keywords, compelling summaries, and professional branding, increasing visibility to potential employers.

The service can be valuable for those seeking career advancement and networking opportunities.

TopResume emphasizes personalized resume writing, LinkedIn profile building, and recruiter distribution, serving a diverse clientele across industries.

ZipJob offers a more focused approach, utilizing a proprietary ATS technology and one-on-one writer consultations, ideal for individuals seeking ATS optimization and personalized resume support for applicant tracking systems.

TopResume is generally reliable and known for its extensive network of experienced writers and comprehensive resume services. While it provides valuable insights, results may vary based on individual writer expertise and specific client needs.

It’s essential to review sample resumes and client testimonials for a comprehensive understanding of their service quality.

The best-rated federal resume writing service may vary based on individual preferences and needs. TopResume, JobStars and Resume Place are among the well-regarded options, known for their expertise in crafting specialized federal resumes that align with government job requirements.

Alternatives to TopResume include TopStack Resume, which offers personalized resume writing and LinkedIn profile optimization; Resume Companion with a user-friendly online resume builder; Resumeble for visually appealing resumes optimized for ATS; ResumeSpice for comprehensive career coaching and Craft Resumes emphasizing tailored and impactful resume creation.

Final Thoughts

A resume writing company can be a valuable asset in the competitive job market, significantly improving the likelihood of securing desired employment.

While their services may come with a cost, the investment is often worthwhile, considering the professional guidance, expertise, and polished presentation they provide.

When selecting the best resume writing services, consider factors such as industry expertise, career level experience, transparent pricing, revision policies, online reviews, prompt turnaround times and supplementary offerings like cover letter writing or LinkedIn profile optimization for a comprehensive and tailored service.

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