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What Is the Saville Wave Test? The Saville Wave test is a personality questionnaire that comes in different versions to suit […]

The SHL OPQ32 test is the flagship personality test from SHL. Used by major organizations all over the world, it […]

It is becoming increasingly common for employers to ask potential new employees to complete a variety of assessments as part […]

The Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Test is a three-stage pre-employment assessment that is typically used in the recruitment process for […]

The current job market is an incredibly competitive place, with people doing their best to stand out to potential employers […]

The NWEA MAP Growth Test is used in thousands of schools across the US to assess children academically.  The test […]

If your child is under the age of 12 and aims to get into a gifted school program, they will […]

The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory (HBRI) is a scientifically-based aptitude test. It is designed to assess cognitive ability and a […]

The MAP Kindergarten Test is a computer-adaptive test that measures your child’s progress throughout their academic career.  The grades K […]

The Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test is used as part of the pre-employment screening process for a number of roles in […]

One of the career paths in the public sector is that of a law enforcement officer, also known as a […]

OLSAT stands for Otis-Lennon School Ability Test. Children take the test to help schools decide admissions into their gifted-and-talented programs. […]

If you are looking for a career working with the emergency services, then becoming a 911 call handler and dispatcher […]

The McQuaig Word Survey is a type of personality assessment.  Survey responses are used to measure a candidate’s key personality […]

The Caliper test is an assessment used by employers to gain a better understanding of a candidate’s personality traits, cognitive […]

While no test is 100% accurate in assessing a candidate’s full capabilities, the Wonderlic test gives recruiters a good insight […]

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) is a personality test developed by Hogan Assessments, designed to explore human personality traits, behavioral […]

The CogAT is a K–12 assessment comprised of three sections. The questions are designed to measure a student’s reasoning abilities, […]

Many employers use psychometric assessments and aptitude tests as part of the employee hiring process.  Competition for job roles is fierce […]

The School and College Ability Test (SCAT) is used by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY).  The […]

More and more employers are choosing to use psychometric testing as a part of their recruitment processes as it helps […]

The elevator industry is one of the most financially rewarding trades, offering numerous career opportunities. If you want to build […]

The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test (BMCT) is considered the most popular mechanical aptitude test. However, it is also believed to […]

CAT4 认知能力测试是一种旨在衡量学生学业进步的考试。 CAT4 测试评分完成后,家长和老师将收到一份有关学生学业潜力的总结。 任何参加测试的学生都需要回答一些将要衡量他们的逻辑推理能力、文字推理能力、数字推理能力和空间意识的问题。 在这篇文章中,您将了解更多关于在考察这些技能时需要回答的题目类型。 除此之外,这里还提供更多有关不同 CAT4 测试级别的信息。这将有助于您了解不同年龄段的 CAT4 测试评分机制。 在这些信息之后,会提供一些一般性建议和技巧以帮助孩子取得好的成绩。这里还给出了老师、家长和参加 CAT4 测试的学生经常问到的常见问题。 CAT4 测试的题目类型有哪些? 就像前面所讨论的那样,学生将接受 4 个领域的测试。 逻辑推理 […]

CAT4 인지능력 테스트는 학생의 학업성취도를 측정하기 위해 고안된 테스트입니다. CAT4 테스트 점수가 매겨지면, 교사와 부모님들은 그 학생의 학업 잠재력에 대한 […]

If you have applied for a job, apprenticeship or college course in the UK or Australia, you may have been […]

There are a variety of tests and assessments that can be used by companies for candidates applying for jobs. One […]

The IE Global Admissions Test (ieGAT) is an entrance exam for the IE University (IEU) in Spain.  It covers numerical, logical […]

More and more companies are introducing psychometric testing as a part of their recruitment processes. This means that, if you […]

The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides extensive career opportunities and seemingly endless possibilities for professional development. However, anyone looking […]

Developed by Drs Joyce and Robert Hogan in the 1980s, the Hogan assessment is a collection of tests designed to […]

If you’ve recently applied for a managerial or executive role, you may have been asked to take a Saville Analysis […]

The CAT4 cognitive ability test is an examination designed to measure a student’s academic progress. When the CAT4 test is scored, […]

The RAF aptitude test is designed to check your suitability for recruitment into the Royal Air Force. The test contains […]

The Korn Ferry Leadership Potential Assessment (KFALP) is used to test candidates to see if they have the potential to […]

Pymetrics tests identify specific behavioral characteristics and traits. This article examines why pymetrics tests are used and what to expect […]

The McQuaig Mental Agility Test (MMAT) is a 15-minute timed test that is designed to assess your ability to think […]

If you are applying for an executive-level or management role, you might be expected to take an aptitude test as […]

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the second biggest employer in the US and offers great job security, so […]

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is responsible for the enforcement of federal law and the protection of national security […]

This guide to the USPS postal exam 955 will take you through the different sections of the test, including example […]

Most companies nowadays require candidates to undergo a series of recruitment stages when they apply for a role. Each stage […]

If you are looking to work in the United States Postal Service, you will need to pass the USPS Postal […]

The Amazon assessment test is an essential way for the corporation to find the best-suited employees. It is a series […]

SHL tests

Are you going for an interview soon and have discovered that you need to take an SHL verbal reasoning test? […]


Um einen SHL-Übungstest zu absolvieren, bevor Sie diesen Artikel lesen, klicken Sie hier.  SHL-Tests. Wenn Sie diesen Artikel lesen, dann […]

SHL tests

Tests SHL. Si vous êtes en train de lire cet article, il y a de fortes chances que vous veniez […]


Pruebas SHL. Si estás leyendo este artículo, es muy probable que acabes de darte cuenta de que tienes una de […]

IQ stands for intelligence quotient and is usually thought to represent the reasoning skills of individuals. The idea of intelligence […]


Sind Sie auf der Suche nach kostenlosen psychometrischen Tests zur Übung? Dann ist diese Seite genau das Richtige für Sie. […]


Testes psicométricos (também conhecidos como testes de aptidão) são uma parte comum do processo de entrevistas de emprego em muitas […]

SHL tests

Testes SHL. Se você está lendo isso, há uma boa chance de você ter acabado de descobrir que fará um […]


Are you looking for mock aptitude tests and aptitude test practice?  This article provides a complete list of all types […]

Considering cheating on your GMAT?  Want to know how to do it, if you should do it and what the […]


Do you have an upcoming online aptitude test?  Are you looking for the best aptitude test prep material to give […]

The United States Postal Service (USPS) now uses the Virtual Entry Assessment (VEA) test suite for all entry level positions. […]


The Caliper Profile test is by far one of the toughest personality tests that you might face in different stages […]


The TSA-CBT is a Computer Based Test (CBT) administered by the Transport Security Administration (TSA) in the USA. Formed immediately […]


Aptitude tests are administered to understand your inherent abilities to reason and respond to specific tasks. They are widely used […]

Cognify is credited as having brought in a paradigm shift in the field of psychometric testing. Moving away completely from […]

Train Driver Tests are a unique group of tests covering a wide range of psychometric assessment tools like the Group […]

Predictive index tests

Predictive Index Tests (PI tests) have of late gained popularity among employers as the tests of choice for assessing both […]

Inductive reasoning

El Razonamiento Inductivo está basado en patrones y es otra variante de las muchas pruebas psicométricas utilizadas por los empleadores […]

Psychometric Tests

¿Qué son las pruebas psicométricas? Las pruebas psicométricas (también conocidas como Pruebas de Aptitud) son ahora una parte común de […]

Verbal reasoning

Las pruebas de razonamiento verbal están diseñadas para examinar tu nivel de comprensión del pasaje de un texto. Estas pruebas […]

Kenexa Prove It Tests

The Kenexa Prove It Test is a popular skills assessment test that allows employers to get a hands-on sense of […]

Mechanical Reasoning Tests

What Are Mechanical Reasoning Tests? Mechanical reasoning tests evaluate your knowledge and understanding of clear mechanical and physical concepts, visual […]

Cognitive ability tests

If you would like to take a free practice Cognitive Ability Test before reading this article, click here. If you […]

Deductive reasoning

Have you been asked to take a Deductive Reasoning test as part of an upcoming interview process? Continue reading to […]

Spatial awareness

Have you been asked to take a spatial awareness test or a spatial reasoning test as part of an upcoming interview […]

Error checking tests

Do you need to take an error-checking test as part of the hiring process? Continue reading to find out more […]

Las pruebas numéricas son tramposas. Y cuando se trata de obtener mejores resultados, la preparación y la práctica son la […]

Psychometric Tests

This article is designed to be a complete guide to taking Psychometric Tests. If you are about to take a […]

Capp Assessment Tests

As Capp Assessment Tests become more common perhaps you have encountered one for the first time. This can be a […]

SHL tests

Are you considering cheating on your upcoming SHL tests? In this full disclosure article, I’ll tell you why people cheat […]

Numerische Tests können knifflig sein. Übung und die richtige Vorbereitung sind der Schlüssel zum Erfolg. Aber das ist leichter gesagt […]

Numerical Reasoning Tests can be very tricky. And when it comes to results, preparation and practice are key. But that’s […]

Personality tests

Personality tests are becoming increasingly popular with employers who want to do everything they can to ensure that they are […]

Logical reasoning

Logical reasoning tests are a little different to your average psychometric test. With this type of assessment, there are many […]

Inductive reasoning

Inductive reasoning is based around patterns and is another variation of the many psychometric tests used by employers as a […]

In-Tray & E-tray Exercises

The in tray exercise (also called an e-tray exercise) is a popular assessment activity which employers use to evaluate the skills of […]

Aptitude tests

Aptitude tests are short tests employers use to assess whether a candidate has the level of competency necessary for success […]

Situational judgement tests

This article has been written as a complete guide to taking Situational Judgement Tests. If you are about to take […]

Verbal reasoning tests

The following article has been written as a guide to Verbal Reasoning Tests. It is especially relevant for anyone taking […]

SHL tests

To take a practice SHL test before reading this article click here.  SHL tests. If you’re reading this article, then […]

KPMG Interviews

As one of the world’s largest and most reputable and successful professional services firms, getting through the KPMG application process […]


Kenexa is an international business psychology consultancy. Most businesses prefer the efficiency of conducting candidate testing online, with Kenexa’s advanced […]