Spatial Awareness Tests: Example Questions & Answers (2020)

Spatial awarenessHave you been asked to take a spatial awareness test or a spatial reasoning test as part of an upcoming interview process?

Continue reading this article to find out more about this difficult type of test, including:

  • What a spatial awareness test is.
  • Why employers use Spatial Awareness tests to assess candidates. 
  • Which roles Spatial Awareness tests may be a requirement for.

What is a Spatial Awareness (Reasoning) Test?

Spatial Reasoning tests are also known as Spatial Awareness tests, Spatial Ability tests or Spatial Aptitude tests.

These tests are used by employers to help them find out about a candidate’s visuospatial ability in both 2-dimensional (2D) and 3-dimensional (3D) spaces.

Which Employers Use Spatial Ability Tests?

If you are applying or have already applied for one of the following roles, you may need to take a spatial reasoning test:

  • Technical positions
  • Engineering
  • Military units / Airforce
  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Pilot

Common Spatial Ability Test Questions

It is likely you fill be given the following types of questions when taking a spatial reasoning test:

  • 2D and 3D Cubes
  • Mental Rotations
  • Mirror Images
  • Shadow Projection
  • Joining or adding shapes together
  • Perspectives
  • Rotated Shapes

We have included a few sample questions with explanations below to familiarise you with a few of the concepts you will be evaluated on during your testing day.

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Spatial Reasoning Sample Questions

Example Question 1 – Cubes

Which of the four possible options represent the cube in its folded form?

Answer with Explanation

The answer is Option 1.


Option 1 – The facet at the front represents facet number 4, the top facet represents facet number 2 and the facet on the right represents facet number 5. This is the correct option.

Option 2 – If the top facet and the facet at the front represent facets 5 and 2, respectively, then the shape on the right facet should be facing the opposite direction and located at the opposing side of the right facet. This option is incorrect.

Option 3 – There are two kinds of U shapes in this diagram. The two kinds are represented in the top facet and the facet on the right. In this option, both U shapes are located at the same end of the facet (parallel to each other); based on the main diagram, it is evident that there aren’t any facets in which both kinds of U shapes are situated next to each other. This option is incorrect.

Option 4 – If the facet at the front represents facet number 6 and the facet on the right represents facet number 2, then the top facet should represent facet number 5, yet it does not. This option is incorrect.

Example Question 2 – Mental Rotations

In this section of a spatial reasoning test, you will need to identify which images are rotations of a given image that are not mirrored.

Out of the following 5 images, select the one depicting the same object as shown below:

Answer with Explanation

The answer is Option 1.

*Note that answer options D and E are incorrect even though they are mirror images of the original.

Example Question 3 – Joining Images Together

When all shapes on top are connected in the corresponding edges (x to x, y to y, etc.), the complete shape looks like shape:


The answer is B.

How to Prepare for a Spatial Awareness Test

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