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What Is the Mettl Test & How to Pass It in 2024

What Is the Mettl Test & How to Pass It in 2024
What Is the Mettl Test & How to Pass It in {YEAR}

The Mettl tests are developed by the world's largest assessment provider, Mercer Mettl.

The tests have been designed to analyze various competencies, including verbal, logical and numerical reasoning.

Alongside, the Mettl assessments evaluate candidates' personalities and working styles, establishing whether they are an accurate fit for the role and the broader company.

The Mettl tests are a comprehensive recruitment tool provided by Mercer Mettl – the world's largest assessment provider.

Moreover, the Mettl tests are designed to assess various skills, including numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning.

The assessments are also constructed to understand candidates' behaviors and personality types.

This guide explains everything you need to know about the Mettl test, including tips on how to pass the test in 2024.

What Is the Mettl Test?

As mentioned, the Mettl test is a comprehensive recruitment tool designed to test a range of skills.

It allows employers to ensure they recruit the most suitable candidates for the role.

The Mettl test is used by a huge number of employers globally.

These include:

  • Starbucks
  • Uber
  • Toshiba
  • American Express
  • Pfizer

There are four key reasons why employers use the Mettl test.

  • Recruitment – Many employers utilize this assessment during hiring. It allows companies to efficiently detect whether candidates have sufficient skills and the correct aptitude for the role.
  • Learning and Development – The Mettl test allows employers to appreciate the current skillset of its staff better and identify areas for improvement.
  • Identify High Potential – When businesses better understand the capabilities of their current team, they can detect high-achieving staff and nurture their skills.
  • Succession Planning – When companies have a clear view of the skillset of their teams, they can plan progression routes for positions that may become vacant soon.

The test typically comes directly after the initial online application.

Only candidates who pass the Mettl aptitude tests will progress to the interview stages.

The Different Types of Tests – Mettl Assessment

There are several Mettl tests, and candidates may be asked to complete one or a selection of them.

Numerical Reasoning Tests

The Mettl numerical reasoning test is a popular assessment used by many companies.

This assessment is, of course, relevant for companies within the finance industry, but spans much further.

Almost every company will rely on data for their daily operations, whether in their finance, marketing or customer acquisitions departments.

To ensure their teams have the relevant capabilities, the Mettl numerical reasoning test will assess the following skills:

  • Monitoring Figures
  • Analyzing Data
  • Reading and Interpreting Graphs
  • Identifying Patterns Within Large Data Sets

Data Interpretation Tests

As the name suggests, this Mettl assessment is designed to test candidates' abilities to interpret data. For businesses to conduct complex operations, they must have efficient teams who can handle intricate data.

To build these strong teams, employers utilize the Mettl data interpretation test to examine the following skills:

  • Excellent numerical skills
  • Quantitative modeling and analytical skills
  • The handling of different types of data charts
  • Proficiency in business analysis

Candidates who face this test should be prepared for large data sets in the form of charts, graphs, and substantial pieces of text.

This assessment also requires applicants to make business decisions, which allows employers to identify how individuals act commercially.

Verbal Ability Tests

Verbal ability tests, often called verbal reasoning tests, are primarily used to test an individual's language capabilities.

The questions typically focus on the following six areas:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Following Detailed Instructions
  • Analogies
  • Sentence Completion

There are several different formats for the Mettl verbal ability test.

Often, candidates will be presented with a large block of text and various accompanying statements.

They will then be asked to deduce whether each declaration is true, false or it is impossible to say.

Alternatively, applicants may have to review sentences and spot errors with the structure, spelling or grammar.

Logical Reasoning Tests (Mettl Online Assessment)

Logical reasoning tests are designed to assess a candidate's ability to solve problems.

It gives an excellent indication of how efficient individuals will be in the workplace.

The most common type of logical reasoning tests are diagrammatic logical reasoning tests.

Critical Reasoning Tests

Critical reasoning tests determine a candidate’s ability to reason through an argument and make objective decisions logically.

Typically, candidates will be assessed on the following skills:

  • Drawing Logical Inferences – Using the data provided to decide whether certain conclusions are true or false.
  • Identifying Assumptions – Differentiating between assumptions and facts based on a specific piece of data.
  • Evaluating Evidence – Analyzing the evidence and deciding if specific conclusions are logical and accurate.
  • Judging Arguments – Decerning between strong and weak arguments, using just the information at hand and without drawing inferences.

Abstract Reasoning Tests

Abstract reasoning tests will assess applicants' ability to comprehend complex ideas and identify correlations between seemingly unrelated patterns and concepts.

The skills tested within abstract reasoning tests often overlap with logical and visual tests.

Visual Reasoning Tests (Mettl Online Assessment)

Visual reasoning tests largely assess the same skillset as logical reasoning.

During this assessment, candidates will likely face a variety of visual stimuli. This may include images, charts, graphs and diagrams.

From here, applicants must draw inferences, identify relationships between the imagery, and complete patterns.

What Is the Mettl Test & How to Pass It
What Is the Mettl Test & How to Pass It

Mettl Personality Profiler

Aside from the skills-based assessments, Mettl also offers a comprehensive personality assessment, which allows employers to understand whether particular candidates will work well with their teams.

Understanding employee's personalities enables managers to leverage their workforce's strengths and boost productivity.

Interestingly, there are five key pillars that the Mettl personality profiler is built upon.

  • Extraversion
  • Openness to Experiences
  • Emotional Stability
  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness

The questions you will be faced with will focus on the following four personality traits:


It is vital that all staff members are reliable, honest, and act with integrity.

Therefore, these questions will address how individuals take accountability for their own actions, as well as assess whether their ethics align with those of the company.

Emotion Regulation

These questions allow candidates to demonstrate their self-assurance and positive thinking.

Importantly, this section will also evaluate stress management, which is defined as the ability to use coping strategies when facing challenges or adversity.


The teamwork questions allow employers to assess your collaboration skills, and learn how well you work with others to reach a common goal.

These questions will also focus on inclusion. It is vital that new employees work harmoniously with other colleagues, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, background, language or sexual orientation.


These questions will determine whether you often seek initiative and responsibility without being pushed.

It will assess your eagerness to take on new tasks and projects, producing unique solutions.

The test will also focus on your learning agility, which describes how quickly you can acquire new skills and keep up with recent trends.

Example Questions for the Mettl Assessment

Example Numerical Reasoning Questions

Example Question

Solve the following equation.

5/20 x ? = 1/5

a) ? = 1/6
b) ? = 1/2
c) ? = 2
d) ? = 4/5

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Mettl Test Example – Verbal Ability Test

Example Question

Fill in the blank from the sentence below.

It happened a long time ago. I ______ in New York at the time.

a) had lived
b) was living
c) we’re living
d) were living

Logical Reasoning Mettl Exam Example

Example Question

Does the picture at the bottom belong to set A, or set B?

Critical Reasoning Test Example

Example Question

Carefully read the following statement and assumption.

Overfishing describes the process whereby too many fish are caught in a certain area. This leads to the disappearance of that particular fish species in that area. This phenomenon can only be reversed by introducing catch-reduction measures. These measures must be initiated and enforced immediately.

Assumption: The disappearance of fish species in areas of the ocean is undesirable.

Is the assumption made from the text?

Abstract Reasoning Mettl Exam Example

Example Question

Which of the following correctly fills the space within the image?

Visual Reasoning Tests Example

Example Question

Which of the following is the same as the initial image?

How to Prepare for the Mettl Online Assessment

Step 1. Identify the Correct Mettl Aptitude Test

As you have seen, there are several Mettl assessment tests, which are all very different in their format and content. Therefore, the first step to success is confidently identifying the Mettl test that you will face.

From here, candidates can begin to tailor their preparation process.

You should also be aware that often, applicants are expected to sit a combination of the Mettl online tests to ensure that the employer obtains the most accurate view of your skillset.

Step 2. Revise the Test Content

It is helpful to identify your strengths and weaknesses before tailoring your revisions schedule to focus on the areas you are least confident.

However, you should also be sure to dedicate some time to your strong subject areas to ensure you are best prepared for the assessment.

Step 3. Practice Makes Perfect

Mettl practice tests are the best way to prepare for the evaluation. These online practice assessments not only allow students to appreciate better the content they will face but also give an invaluable insight into the format of the tests.

Step 4. Prioritize Your Wellbeing

In the lead-up to the Mettl online exam, it is crucial that candidates prioritize their wellbeing. Stress before an assessment will dramatically reduce your chances of success.

Ensure you get enough rest the night before the exam, have a healthy breakfast, and are well hydrated

Tips for Succeeding at the Mettl Aptitude Test

Answer Every Question

For the best chance of success, candidates must answer every question.

Applicants are only marked against their correct answers and cannot be negatively marked for incorrect answers.

Use a Handheld Calculator

Mobile phones or any alternative software are prohibited during the Mettl assessment.

However, calculators are allowed and can be very useful during the numerical reasoning section.

Choose the Most Suitable Time

Candidates will be free to choose when they sit the Mettl assessment, which will usually be within a window of a few days.

Therefore, applicants should select a time that works well for their schedule and when they feel that they operate most efficiently.

Do Not Rush

These assessments are high-pressure environments, which often cause individuals to rush.

However, you mustn't do this. Instead, you should take your time and read each question very carefully.

Two of the multiple-choice answers will often be very similar, so you must differentiate between the two before submitting an answer.

Frequently Asked Questions - Mettl Assessment

The Mettl tests are a series of assessments used to test a candidate's skills and aptitude. They test various skills, including verbal, logical and abstract ability. The Mettl assessment is commonly used during recruitment and throughout individuals' careers to identify high-performers.

The best way to crack the Mettl test is with thorough preparation. Once you have established which assessment you will be required to take, you must revise the test content before completing ample practice assessments. In the lead-up to the test, you should focus on your well-being.

Candidates cannot cheat on this assessment. It uses a Mettl Secure Browser (MSB), which prevents any third-party application from running in the background.

The Mettl test is taken remotely and has unique security features that prevent candidates from cheating. There are various elements, and depending on the role the individual is applying for, candidates may be asked to take a selection of the tests.

There are a variety of questions on the Mettl test, designed to assess both your skillset and your personality type. These include verbal ability tests, critical reasoning tests, and visual reasoning tests.

Unfortunately, you cannot retake the Mettl test. Should you fail the assessment, your application will end there, and you will not be permitted to progress to the next stage. This is why thorough preparation for the assessment is essential.

There isn't necessarily a good or bad score on the Mettl test. This will depend on the specific skills and attributes an employer seeks.

Final Thoughts - Mettl Test

The Mettl test is designed by the world's largest assessment company, Mettl Mercer.

It is used by businesses worldwide to test candidates numerical, verbal, logical, critical, abstract and visual skills.

It allows employers to gauge the skill set of their teams as well as better understand their behavior and working styles.

As well as during the recruitment process, this assessment can be used to identify current team members' strengths and weaknesses and recognize leadership potential within employees.

With thorough preparation, you can ace the Mettl assessment in 2024!

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