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A Guide to the Delta Assessment Test with Tips

A Guide to the Delta Assessment Test with Tips
A Guide to the Delta Assessment Test with Tips

The Delta Assessment Test is a group of online tests that forms part of the Delta Airlines hiring process.

If you are applying for job roles with Delta, you may be asked to complete one or more of the Delta Assessment Tests.

Your test results will help the hiring manager to decide whether you are suitable for the job role you have applied for.

The tests you are asked to take will vary according to the job role.

Some of the tests used by Delta include personality tests, Delta aptitude test or assessment, language tests and situational judgment tests.

What Is Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines (also known as Delta) was founded in 1925. The company headquarters is situated in Atlanta, Georgia.

Since then, it has established itself as one of the largest airlines in the world.

It operates domestic and international flights between more than 300 global destinations and employs around 90,000 members of staff.

Employees at Delta Airlines enjoy a host of perks and opportunities.

These include:

  • Health benefits
  • Parental leave
  • Wellbeing programs
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Travel perks

Read on to learn more about the hiring process used by Delta Airlines.

Hiring Process at Delta Airlines

Recruitment at Delta Airlines runs on a rolling basis, which means there are always opportunities you can apply for.

The company offers a variety of job opportunities, including:

  • Baggage handler
  • Ground crew
  • Marketing and communications
  • Software development
  • Customer service worker
  • Sales representative
  • Aircraft engineer
  • Flight attendant
  • Pilot (if you are applying to work as a pilot, you will be required to take the Delta Pilot Assessment Test, so it is important to research pilot aptitude tests)

If you want to apply for a job role at Delta, you must be at least 18 years old. You must also hold a high school diploma (or equivalent qualification).

The recruitment process will be tailored to the job role you have applied for.

However, there are several standardized and predictable milestones in the hiring process for every job, including the Delta personality test.

Most of these steps can be completed online. For the best chance of success, it is important to familiarize yourself with the Delta application journey.

Prospective candidates should note that it can take around one month to complete the Delta job application process.

However, the exact time scale will depend on factors such as the job role you have applied for and the number of applicants.

Here is an overview of the Delta Airlines hiring process, which includes the Delta aptitude test:

Set up a Candidate Profile/Complete the Online Application Form

You can apply for job roles directly on the Delta website. To do so, you will need to set up a candidate profile on the online job portal.

You will be asked to input standard details such as your name, address and contact details.

You will also need to attach a copy of your resume and a cover letter. The application form is straightforward, so it should not take long to complete.

It is important to read the job description carefully before completing the application form.

You should also find out more about the company culture.

You can use this information to tailor your application form to the company and the job role.

Be sure to include any relevant skills, experience and keywords that will help to make your application stand out in the talent pool.

For example, if you are fluent in another language, willing to work flexible hours or interested in relocating, you should mention this in your application.

Video Interview

In the video interview segment of the hiring process, you will be asked to film yourself answering a selection of pre-recorded video questions.

For this stage, you will need to have access to a webcam and microphone.

Make sure you have all of the equipment ready and working before you agree to participate in this stage.

You must prepare for the video interview in the same way as you would prepare for a face-to-face interview.

For example, you will need to plan an appropriate outfit, set up a professional background and ensure your working environment is tidy and quiet.

For most job roles at Delta Airlines, you will be required to answer five video interview questions.

You will be given a set amount of time to answer each question. You should use this time to plan your answer carefully - this will help you to present your answer clearly and logically.

You may find it helpful to use the STAR method when coming up with your responses.

Delta Assessment Test/Online Assessments

If you show potential during the early stages of the hiring process, you will be asked to complete the online assessment phase (also known as the Delta Talent Assessment Test).

For most job roles, this will include a personality test.

Delta Airlines test requirements vary according to the job role you have applied for. You will be informed in advance if you are required to take a Delta Airlines online assessment.

The Delta Airlines personality test is used to check whether candidates have the skills and personality traits the company is looking for.

If your test results do not show that you have the appropriate characteristics and personality traits, you will be filtered out of the talent pool.

Other tests used by Delta include:

Live Online Interview

This is a video conferencing interview with the prospective line manager.

It usually takes about 30 minutes, and it will be held in real time.

You will need to check that your computer is fully charged or connected to a power supply and that you have a strong WiFi signal.

It is important to make sure that you will not be disturbed during the interview.

Face-to-Face Interview

If you successfully pass the first four stages, you will be asked to attend an in-person interview with a hiring manager.

The interview will be conducted at the company headquarters in Georgia.

Be mindful that the company is very selective about inviting candidates to interview. If you make it to this stage, you have a good chance of receiving an offer of employment.

That said, you will still need to impress the hiring manager at the interview. Plan a smart, professional outfit and ensure that you look neat and tidy on the day of the interview.

The interview structure will be similar to that used at an assessment center.

You will need to attend for a few hours, and the day will be split into several different sections.

As well as the face-to-face interview, you can expect to take part in the following activities:

  • Question and answer session
  • Meet and greet with existing Delta employees
  • Group assessment, test or activity
  • ‘Jumpseat’ test (to check if you can fit in and fasten a jumpseat harness)
  • ‘Reach’ test (to see if you can stretch to 6’3”)

If your chosen job role requires you to speak a foreign language, you will also need to take a language proficiency test.

What Are the Delta Airlines Assessments?

There are many different types of assessments used by Delta Airlines. For many of the tests, you will be presented with a series of multiple-choice questions.

Some of the tests used by Delta Airlines include:

  • Bennett Mechanical Aptitude Test – For job roles relating to the mechanics of aircraft. If the job role you have applied for is related to aircraft maintenance or inspections, you can expect to take the Bennett Mechanical Aptitude Test. This test is made up of 55 questions, which must be answered within a 25-minute timeframe.

  • Development Dimensions International (DDI) Assessment – This assesses a candidate’s suitability for leadership roles. It features personality and behavioral questions designed to find out how a candidate might behave or react to a workplace situation. It can be used to help identify a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, motivational factors and work style. The DDI assessment comprises a series of evaluations. The results of the evaluations are collated to produce an overall DDI leadership assessment result.

  • Situational Judgment – This test is focused on hypothetical workplace situations. To pass this test with Delta Airlines, you must achieve a score of at least 70%. Many employers use situational judgment tests to filter the talent pool. To move to the next phase of the process, your Delta online assessment answers will need to be aligned with the job role you have applied for. Remember, different skill sets are required for different job roles. When answering the questions, try to frame the scenarios around the job role you are applying for.

  • Capacity – Often used by Delta Airlines in the hiring process for flight attendants. This test covers a range of subjects, including shape testing, flight crew testing and flight crew operations. The main purpose of the capacity test is to check a candidate’s aptitude for the different operations flight crew have to be familiar with.

  • Verbal Reasoning – This tests a candidate’s ability to comprehend and report on verbal information. During the test, you will be presented with sections of written information. After reading the information, you will need to answer multiple-choice questions relating to the written content. You will be required to work against the clock, so you will need to be able to work quickly and accurately under pressure.

  • **Wonderlic Test – This is a blended Delta cognitive test. It is used to measure how well a candidate follows instructions. It also assesses a candidate’s problem-solving abilities, adaptability and mathematical abilities.

Example Questions Expected on the Delta Airlines Assessment Test (including Delta Assessment Test Answers)

Here are some examples of the questions you might be faced with on your Delta Airlines test.

Sample Cognitive Questions (including Delta Airlines Assessment Test Answers)

Example Question

‘Humble’ is the opposite of:

a) Timid
b) Demure
c) Pretentious
d) Bashful

Example Question

Len takes home $4,500 per month. He spends 30% of his take-home pay each month on vacations and traveling. After 10 years, how much money has Len spent on travel?

a) $41,000
b) $57,000
c) $68,500
d) $81,000

Sample Situational Judgement Questions

(including Delta Airlines Assessment Test Answers)

Example Question

1. You arrive at your desk and discover that everyone in the office has been issued with a brand new laptop – apart from you.

How do you react?

Read the following multiple-choice options. Mark one of the options as most effective, and one of the options as least effective.

a) Approach your manager immediately to ask why you do not have a new laptop like everybody else
b) Wait until you arrive home and complain to your family about the citation
c) Discreetly send an email to HR to tell them about the situation, and ask if there has been an oversight
d) Ask the team if somebody is playing a trick on you
e) Ask one of your teammates to give you their new laptop

Example Question

2. You manage a team of five people. One of your team members is regularly late to work.

How do you approach this issue?

Read the following multiple-choice responses and choose the most effective and least effective options.

a) Reprimand the team member during the weekly team briefing
b) Put in a written complaint to your manager
c) Ask the team member to attend a one-to-one meeting and ask them if any issues are making them late to work
d) Make a joke about the team member’s tardiness at the next work social event and hope they take note
e) Fire the staff member with immediate effect

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Delta Assessment Test: Guide and Tips
Delta Assessment Test: Guide and Tips

How to Prepare for the Delta Airlines Assessment Test

You can adopt a variety of strategies when preparing for the Delta Airlines Assessment Test.

These might include:

Step 1. Considering the Skill Mix Delta Airlines Is Looking For

Research the history of the airline and find out what the company looks for in its employees.

Do you have the skills and qualities required to succeed as a Delta Airlines employee?

Step 2. Thinking About Your Work Ethic

Does this align with what Delta Airlines looks for in its employees?

Step 3. Work on Your Time Management

Timing is critical for all of the assessments. You will need to show that you can work against the clock and manage your time effectively.

Step 4. Practice Interviews

If you want to get a job role at Delta Airlines, you can expect to attend three interviews as part of the process.

Working on your interview skills is crucial to your success.

You might try setting up a mock interview with a friend or family member, videoing yourself answering mock interview questions, or working on your interview technique by observing yourself in the mirror.

Ask for feedback from others and be prepared to take this on board to improve your interview technique.

Step 5. Wellbeing

It is important to take care of your physical and mental wellbeing throughout the application process.

To perform your best, you will need to make sure that you eat healthily, stay hydrated and get plenty of rest.

Step 6. Check Equipment

Nothing could be more stressful than having technical problems on the day of your video interview, online interview or assessment.

Make sure your internet connection is strong, your computer is plugged in and you have all of the stationery you need before starting your interview or assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The contents of the Delta Assessment Test will vary according to the job role you have applied for.

Assessments used by Delta Airlines include mechanical ability assessments, cognitive ability tests, situational judgment tests and personality assessments.

Delta also uses the DDI, which is designed to assess leadership abilities.

The hiring process and Delta Assessment Test are designed to challenge candidates.

Delta Airlines is committed to recruiting high-quality staff, and the assessment tests are used to highlight the most suitable candidates for each job role.

The difficulty level of each assessment test is different, and the required pass rate will vary according to the job role you have applied for.

The first step to prepare for the Delta Assessment Test is to find out exactly which assessments you will be asked to complete.

Once you have this information, research the type of questions you are likely to face during the assessment.

Search online for practice assessments and mock questions and use your results to decide on the areas you need to spend more time working on.

JobTestPrep has a great selection of practice resources to help you prepare.

As part of your preparation, it is sensible to revisit key skills such as the English language and basic math.

The number of questions on the Delta Assessment Test varies according to the assessments you are required to complete.

For example, the Bennett Mechanical Aptitude Test is made up of 55 multiple-choice questions, which must be answered within a 25-minute timeframe.

The Wonderlic Test comprises 213 questions, divided into three separate test sections.

Preparation is key if you want to pass your Delta Assessment Test.

Find out which assessments you will be required to take and dedicate time to researching the type of questions you will need to answer.

Carry out research online to find practice assessments and learning resources to support you with your test preparation.

You will be informed of your Delta Assessment Test results by Delta.

If you pass the test, your application will move forward to the next phase of the hiring process.

For many job roles, this means you will be asked to attend a live online interview with a member of the management team.

You can find sample questions for the Delta Assessment Test on JobTestPrep.

If you fail the Delta Assessment Test, you are unlikely to be hired by Delta.

Your application will not move forward to the next stage if you fail the Delta Assessment Test.

However, this will not preclude you from applying for job roles with Delta in the future.

You will not be allowed to retake the Delta Assessment Test for the same application.

However, this does not stop you from applying for job roles and retaking the Delta Assessment Test in the future.

Most of the Delta Assessment Tests are timed. Delta will let you know which assessment tests are required for the job role you have applied for in advance.

They will also let you know the details for each test, including whether it is timed.

The purpose of the Delta Assessment Test is to find out whether a candidate is a good fit for the job role they have applied for.

For example, the Delta personality test helps the hiring manager to decide whether a candidate’s personality attributes and characteristics are suitable for the work environment and tasks of the role.

The Bennett Mechanical Aptitude Test will help the hiring manager to establish whether a candidate has the mechanical knowledge and skills required for technical airline roles.

You can find complete guides for the Delta Assessment Test on the JobTestPrep website.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for employment with Delta Airlines, the application and hiring process can be lengthy.

Knowing what to expect from the process will help you to feel prepared - especially when it comes to the Delta Assessment Test and Delta aptitude test.

Once you have been advised on the Delta Assessment tests you will be required to take, carry out some research and practice the relevant skills.

This will help to boost your confidence, allowing you to achieve the best possible score on the day of your test.

You can find a variety of online resources with information on the Delta Airlines test requirements on the PRT, Psychometric Success, WikiJob and JobTestPrep websites.

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