HESI A2 Math Test: A Full Study Guide & Tips

HESI A2 Math Test: A Full Study Guide & Tips

HESI A2 Math Test: A Full Study Guide & Tips
HESI A2 Math Test: A Full Study Guide & Tips

The HESI A2 test is a series of tests administered by Health Education Systems Incorporated to those wanting to enroll on nursing programs.

It covers eight topics, including math, biology and grammar.

As these tests determine whether you get accepted, you must prepare to achieve your best possible score.

To help with your preparation, this article focuses on the HESI math test and covers:

  • What is on the HESI A2 math test
  • Example questions
  • Tips for preparing for and taking the test

What Is the HESI A2 Test?

The HESI A2 test is a series of aptitude tests, known as subtests, designed by Elsevier to assess whether a candidate has the skills to achieve their NCLEX-RN (or similar) for nursing school.

The eight subtests the students are expected to complete are:

  • Math
  • Reading comprehension
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Physics

Only some programs require all eight tests.

They are available online remotely, at a testing center, and at your school.

The math test has 55 questions, while the reading, grammar and vocabulary tests consist of 50. Biology, anatomy and physiology, and chemistry all have 30 questions, and physics has 25.

All the questions are multiple-choice, and the time limits vary from 25 to 50 minutes.

What Is in the HESI A2 Math Test?

The HESI math exam is one of the most common HESI tests because nurses use mathematical concepts in almost all situations, so students must have the necessary skills.

This test has 55 questions and a 50-minute time limit This test has 55 questions and a 50-minute time limit and tests basic math skills.

Wherever you take the test, you are allowed a calculator and scratch paper. Do not use your own calculator, as one is available on-screen.

Scratch paper is provided at the testing center. Those taking the test remotely can bring their own.

During the math section of the test, you will be assessed on the following mathematical concepts:

  • Addition and subtraction
  • Multiplication of whole numbers and fractions
  • Division of whole numbers and fractions
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Changing fractions to decimals
  • Changing decimals to fractions
  • Ratios
  • Percentages
  • Military time
  • Algebra
  • Measurements and conversions
  • Understanding and solving word problems
  • Roman numerals

HESI Math Practice Questions

Below are several HESI A2 math questions to give you an idea of what to expect in each section of the HESI. If mathematics is an area where you really struggle, consider getting a HESI math study guide as part of your preparation.


Example Question

1. 1/2 x 1/4

a) 1/8
b) 2/3
c) 3/6
d) 2/4


Example Question

2. Catherine received a flower bouquet with two dozen pink and yellow roses from Mark. The ratio of pink to yellow roses was 3:1.

How many pink and how many yellow roses were there?

a) Pink 15 and Yellow 12
b) Pink 6 and Yellow 7
c) Pink 18 and Yellow 6
d) Pink 12 and Yellow 12

HESI Math Word Problems

Example Question

3. Michael leaves his house at 06:30 for his morning run. If he travels at an average speed of 4mph and he gets home at 09:30, how far did he run?

a) 16 miles
b) 40 miles
c) 12 miles
d) 14 miles


Example Question

4. What is 12 miles in kilometers?

a) 19.3121
b) 22.3121
c) 20.3121
d) 25.3121

Military Time

Example Question

5. A nurse's shift is from 00:30 to 12:30. What are her working hours?

a) 12:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.
b) 12:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
c) 1:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.
d) 12:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.


Example Question

6. On average, a hospital delivers 1,865 babies each year. If 45% are born in the first half of the year, how many are born in the second half?

a) 1,000
b) 856
c) 1,026
d) 1,450

If you want 12-month access to all the practice resources for this test, our partner TestPrep-Online.com offers a Family Membership.

Family Membership gives you access to all the TestPrep-Online resources for the next 12 months. You will also get two separate accounts, which can be very helpful if you have two children preparing for their tests.

HESI A2 Math Test: Tips & Study Guide
HESI A2 Math Test: Tips & Study Guide

How to Prepare for the HESI Math Test

To help you prepare for the HESI math questions, we recommend:

Step 1. Take an Online HESI A2 Math Practice Test

The most efficient way to prepare is to complete a HESI math practice test. Any Google search will yield plenty of HESI practice math question results.

Work through as many as you can to help build your confidence.

Step 2. Understand the HESI Math Questions

The exam covers a lot of subjects, from basic addition to complex conversions.

Work through each subject when doing HESI math practice problems so you understand and know what is expected.

Step 3. Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Knowing which topics are your strongest and weakest allows you to allocate your time more efficiently.

If you know you struggle with measurements and conversions, spend more time memorizing those figures rather than working through an area you are already comfortable with.

Step 4. Practice Pacing Yourself With Online Tests

You have 50 minutes to complete 55 questions, giving you less than a minute for each.

When working through your math HESI A2 practice test, start at a pace you are comfortable with and gradually build time limits until you reach a question a minute.

Step 5. Look at Answer Explanations (Even When You Get a Question Right)

Try to find a HESI math practice test with answers. This way, you can see where you went wrong by looking at the answer and working backwards.

We also recommend checking even if you got the answer right. There might be a quicker way of finding the answer that the solution explains.

Step 6. Invest in a HESI A2 Math Study Guide

Nursing is an incredible career, and if you are passionate about it, taking advantage of all available resources could help you succeed.

A HESI A2 math study guide like this one from TestPrep-Online will provide you with all the information, tips and HESI math practice questions you’ll need to pass.

HESI A2 Math Practice Test Benefits

As mentioned earlier, completing HESI math practice tests is the best preparation. If you weren’t convinced before, here is a summary of the benefits:

  • Eases test anxiety by familiarizing you with the format and questions
  • Helps identify your problem areas by highlighting the questions you constantly get wrong
  • Provides answers to those areas you struggle with, giving you clarity and solutions
  • Helps with time management by allowing you to work at your own pace and gradually build to test pace
  • Provides better solutions in the answer explanations. You may have gotten the correct answer, but is there a quicker way of getting there?

Tips for Taking the HESI Math Test

On the day of the test, it is advised you arrive 15 to 30 minutes early to get situated and set up. If you are taking the test remotely, the extra time can be spent checking your equipment and internet connection.

During the HESI math test:

  • Read the question carefully – Do not assume you know what to do because it is similar to one you practiced earlier.
  • Don’t get stuck on a single question – You can return to it later if you have time. Lingering on one question will take precious seconds and cause you to get more flustered later in the test.
  • Use paper and pencil to work out an answer – Writing your calculations down is much quicker and easier than working through them in your head. Plus, if you get confused or forget a number, you have a record of it in front of you.
  • Use all of the allotted time – During your HESI math practice, you should have familiarized yourself with the test duration and know how long to spend on each question. Find a good rhythm and use your time well. If you finish early, go back through the questions you weren’t sure about and double-check them.
  • Take an educated guess – You are not negatively marked for incorrect answers, so if there is a question you really don’t know, eliminate the answers that look wrong and pick the most logical option.

There is no standardized pass or fail mark on the HESI tests, meaning each school decides its score. The more prestigious schools will have a higher pass score than others.

As a rule, you want to aim for 75% or more to be accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

The HESI A2 math test is an aptitude test taken as part of the admissions process for most nursing programs.

It consists of 55 questions, and you have 50 minutes to complete it.

The test areas include adding, subtraction and multiplication of whole numbers and fractions, percentages, ratios, military time, and conversions of measurements.

The HESI A2 math test can be difficult to pass without sufficient preparation.

There are a lot of different mathematical concepts assessed, most of which we don’t use in our everyday lives.

However, with some practice, the test is passable.

You can find a HESI math study guide and prepare for the test at TestPrep-Online.

There are 55 questions in total on the HESI A2 math test and a variety of different topics.

You can expect questions about measurements and conversions, fractions and decimals.

Taking a HESI A2 math practice test will help familiarize you with the question formats.

There are 55 questions on the HESI math test.

You can get sample questions for the HESI A2 math test at TestPrep-Online.

Each program decides its own pass rate for the HESI A2 math test. However, as a guideline, you should aim for 75% or higher if you hope to be accepted.

The HESI A2 math test assesses addition and subtraction, multiplication of whole numbers and fractions, division of whole numbers and fractions, fractions, decimals, changing fractions to decimals, changing decimals to fractions, ratios, percentages, military time, algebra, measurements and conversions, and understanding and solving word problems.

The HESI A2 math test has a time limit of 50 minutes.

You will have to confirm with the program you have applied for, but most will allow you to retake the HESI math test after a two-week or more cooling-off period.

After taking your HESI math test, the program you have applied to will assess your application.

You may have to take more tests, retake a test, or sit an interview.

The application process is decided by the school, and it will advise you accordingly.

You can find a complete guide for the HESI A2 math test at TestPrep-Online.

Final Thoughts

Taking any aptitude test can be stressful, especially when the results determine whether or not you are accepted onto a great nursing course.

When preparing for this test, dedicate enough time to work through a HESI math exam practice test to familiarize yourself with the question format and time constraints.

During the test, utilize all your resources and remember to trust your abilities and skills.

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